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CHIENGRAKNOI SCHOOL : Where my heart is docked...

Chiengraknoi School is a public school located in Bang Pa-In District, Pathum Thani, Thailand. This school is consist offour building.
 The smallest building is used for canteen at first floor and kindergarten at second floor.

 Both bigger buildings are used for elementary.  The biggest one is used for lower secondary (junior high) school.
This school has no upper secondary (senior high) school level yet.
All academic supports system in Chiengraknoi School are actually government employees. Curriculum used in this program is Base Education Core Curriculum B.E. 2551 (A.D. 2008) by Thailand’s Minister of Education, which is the outcomes of the studies revealed problems and issues from shortcoming of the 2001 Curriculum.



Well, I've been living in Jambi since born and that's the reason why I had thought that going abroad is as high as your dream : too beautiful to be rememberedit hurts you. There were so many chances came to me but it just faded as dust. Trying for five years is not too long, but gave me a breathtaking experiences. Till SEAMOE (Southeast Asian Minister of Education) gave an opportunity for my university and I to participate its program.

Southeast Asia (SEA) - Teacher Project was introduced to me by Mrs. Rohati, as the Head of Mathematics Department. Based on the experience five years ago, I would like to say "give up" as soon as possible, because I realized it was taking so much time for me to loosen up from the "past". But my lecturer, Ms. Ranisa, encouraged me to even just try it. Thus, I prepared all materials required (just to fulfill her wish, actually ^.^").

And... this is it! After such a test, I successed to go to the next level! A bunch o…


Hello, readers! Glad to have you.
Welcome to a little part of my life!

In my country, there's proverb says, "Don't know means don't love," so that's why I'll start my blog with... introduction? Just a little bit about me.

Well, my name is Christantri Martha Liani. You can call me Chris or Tantri for short, whatever. I'm living in a happy, simple, loveable, little world named family along with a full-of-charisma father, a motherly mother,  annoying-but-capable brother and sister, and my loyal labrador.

Even born as the youngest, it doesn't mean that my parents spoil me. My dad is gruff and strict about ethics and and social manner, but he's really gentle inside, though. On the other hand, my mom is a type of mother everybody looking for, even though she's being childish sometimes. Not only my parent, but my siblings are very explicit about my how my studying should be well. But all those things happened aren't only just being the memor…